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  • Location Helsinki, Finland
  • Birthdate September 24.
  • Member since 17.12.2005
  • Last activity 2 years ago

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Melanie, 23y, Finland
Music, art, culture, animal rights, mind-expanding, love
Hip hop, rap, dubstep, dub, reggae, drum'n bass, psy, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, thrash metal, etc. Everything that sounds good.

septum 3,2mm
tongue 2,4mm
2 x nostril
2 x nipple (horizontal)
2 x navel (regular & inverse)

2 x 25mm lobe

(All of my current piercings are made by Petsku @ Pet Skull Body Piercing)

Swallows on my lower back (Brian, Paradise tattoo, Puerto De Mogan)
Wings on my upper back (Our family friend)
A Star above my right breast. (Some random guy, White Trash Tattoo, Berlin)
Bows on my thigs (Jylppy-setä)
A cardiac on my right arm (Leandro Rossi, One Eye Tattoo)
A heart in my inner lip (JIMMY)
Two flowers on my right ankle (Emz)
Mandala on my left arm (Jenna)

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