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  • Location Gdynia, Poland
  • Birthdate May 24.
  • Member since 14.05.2006
  • Last activity 3 months ago

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Standart nipple piercing on left breast
Standart lip piercing on left side of lips
Tragus and industrial on right ear
Rook on left ear
Dermal piercing between my breasts
...and standart tongue :)

+++++ TATTOOS +++++
rose with heart-shaped branch on right wrist (27.02.2011)
rotten muffin on right arm
bird on right ancle
rukia and ichigo from bleach on my back
spyro finished - colors (31.12.2007)
diamond behind left ear (17.11.2007)
spyro - only lineart on right forearm (17.11.2007)
jack skellington on left calf (17.07.2007)
cherries on clavicles (13.02.2007)
pink nautrical star on left forearm (27.12.2006)
casino bunny with flames and (8) on right arm (25.11.2006)

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