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  • Location Turku, Finland
  • Birthdate October 8.
  • Member since 29.11.2009
  • Last activity 22 days ago

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Music & shit: http://jarnosalo.bandcamp.com and http://www.last.fm/user/Hevisalo

1.6mm x 12mm tongue piercing (18/12/2008) @ Needle Point, Uusikaupunki
2 x earring (right ear) (07/01/2009 and 08/05/2009)
1.6mm x 10mm nipple piercing (05/10/2009) @ Needle Point, Rauma
1.2 mm x 6mm eyebrow (16/04/2012) @ Kallas Tattoo, Tampere
1.6mm x 10mm nostril (16/04/2012) @ Kallas Tattoo, Tampere
2mm x 13mm labret (left side) (16/04/2012) @ Kallas Tattoo, Tampere
5mm x 13mm stretch (left ear) (14/09/2012)
4mm x 12mm stretch (left ear) (14/09/2012)
3.2mm x 10mm stretch (left ear) (14/09/2012)
2mm x 13mm labret (right side) (20/10/2016) @ Tattoo Turun Paja, Turku

Some of my piercings were originally smaller, but I've stretched them. Listed piercings show the current size and place (and date) where I took them.

Ace of Spades + Born To Lose, Live To Win (right shoulder) (15/12/2016) @ Turku Tattoo Parlour, Turku (Sammy)

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