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  • Location Finland
  • Member since 22.09.2008
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"Betrayal may come easily to women, but men live by iron-clad codes of honor."


My life is like a scene full of faked blood and screamings.
Zombies, ghosts, vampires, demons, monsters, psychopaths!
Posseses my life since sweet innocence turned into dark.

I love the feeling and anticipation when pure evil will attack!
Bela Lugosi and his creatures of the night,
Boris Karloff dismissed by his bride,
Vincent Price, George A. Romero and yeah Christopher Lee...
These people means more than just actors to me.

I watched them all from my earliest age on
Gothic, Gore and Splatter Horrormovie turns me on.
I´m ready for Freddy and “The Saw is Family”
Pinhead, Chucky, Jason, Dr. Carl Hill, The Thing, Norman Bates, satan, Xenomorphs, Leatherface, Jigsaw, Michael Myers...
– Anti-Heroes sets me free.

Oh Yeah that´s what i´m. I´m a dedicated Horrormovie Fan!

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