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Cetonia Aurata

Cetonia Aurata


  • Location Lisboa, Portugal
  • Birthdate June 23.
  • Member since 21.02.2014
  • Last activity 4 years ago

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Delphine - 22 y.o - Vegan
Photographer ;
Art, bodmods & black color addict ;
Dog Person ;
Frenchie in Lisbon.


Piercings :
Lobes in 14mm+1,2mm+1,2mm
Septum 1,2mm
Diagonal right Nipple 1,6mm
Vertical labret 1,2mm

Bridge (removed it for a job)
Nape surface 15mm (removed it for a surgery)
Nostril 0,8mm (removed it for a surgery)
Belly button 1,6mm (removed it after a surgery)

Piercing projects:
Re-do nape surface
Double nostril
Right ear : Industrial, tragus, conch
Left ear : Snug, helix x2, anti-helix
Christina (genital)?


Five tattoos.

Tattoos projects:
A tattoo about my second dog(covering my first tattoo)
Italian baroque frame on my back (covering my second tattoo)
Travel memories on my right arm
My pekingese dog's cartoon portrait (color) on my right thigh
TBBT tattoo on my left arm
Batman tattoo on my left arm
Ponyo tattoo on my left arm


Heavy mods:
Scarification on my clavicles


A song? https://www.youtube....3SBJWaihWI

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