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  • Location Berlin, Germany
  • Birthdate July 1.
  • Member since 06.05.2008
  • Last activity 8 years ago

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my name is felipe tofani and i used to have a profile here back in 2004 but i deleted it.

i used to do suspensions and body modifications but now i work as a designer. i live in sao paulo and i drink beer.

i have some mods as well.
- split tongue
- 5 mm punched nostrils
- 30 mm earlobes
- 2x 8 mm cartilage punches on each ear
- a 6 mm nipple barbell
- a meatotomy
- a 4 mm guiche
- more than 40 hours of tattoo work
- more than 25 suspensions
- more than 20 flesh pulls

i also run a few sites.
http://www.pristina.org - a design blog
http://blog.ftofani.com - my regular blog
http://design.ftofani.com - my design portfolio

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