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  • Location Udine, Italy
  • Birthdate December 10.
  • Member since 31.05.2010
  • Last activity 10 years ago

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Hi all,
i'm a young body modder from italy,
i love stretched piercing s and legs' tattoos, and i'll start with these one very soon, i hope ahah :)

and while listening to krishnacore and streetpunk i'm writing:

Septum 4 ga pierc. at 14 ga COMPLETED
Left Outer Conch 6 ga pierc at 14 ga COMPLETED
Left Inner Conch 12 ga pierc. at 14 ga COMPLETED
Right Lobe 13/16 inch pierc. at 16 ga COMPLETED
Right Outer Conch 12 ga pierc. at 14 ga COMPLETED

Future mods:
Cheeks 2 mm
Medusa 3 mm (maybe)
Two Self-Drown Hannya Masks on my legs

i'm also studying and practicing piercings technics on my own, i'm interested in implants and all kind of weird tattoo and piercing methods

cheers to all the modders ahah

stay true guys!

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