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  • Location Raleigh, NC, United States Of America
  • Birthdate September 23.
  • Member since 28.02.2004
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The lion on my right arm was done by Jason Eisenberg (1999) in one session.

The half sleeve on my left arm was done by Mike Eaton (2004) in three sessions.

The back piece was done by Steve Wetherington (2007) in sixteen sessions.

The dragon on my left side was done by Steve Wetherington (2009) in five sessions.

The full sleeve on my right arm was done by Steve Wetherington (2010) in nine sessions.

The left forearm sleeve was done by Daniel Kapała (2011-2012) in two sessions.

My left thigh was done by Victor Portugal (2011-2012) in two sessions.

The baku on my left calf was done by Bartosz Panas (2012) in one session.

The rokurokubi on my left buttock was done by Yokahama Horiken (2013) in one session.

The warrior Rochishin on my right side was done by Rodney Raines in four sessions (2013-2014)

My right leg is being done by Rodney Raines (2014-)

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