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  • Location Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Birthdate November 4.
  • Member since 25.09.2005
  • Last activity 2 years ago

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Gosh it's been forever since I last logged into this page.
Apologies for not keeping it updated, been distracted by Instagram & facebook. =P
Please feel free to follow me on http://instagram.com...maddgician for my daily antics.

I've missed some of you guys, but I guess the community must be totally different now.
Will update this profile soon, maybe delete some old & embarrassing photos, & definitely put up some new pictures featuring my newer mods. ;)



-HOOKS- (in chronological order)
2pt Suicide 8ga
4pt Elbow 8ga
2pt Chest 6ga (O-Kee-Pa)
2pt Single Knee 6ga
6pt Lotus 6ga
1pt Suicide 6ga

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