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  • Location Silesia, Poland
  • Birthdate November 8.
  • Member since 17.12.2008
  • Last activity 5 years ago

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God damned Tribal Terrorist.
Larper, rpg nerd ,piercer, firedancer.

About my mods.

One left forearm Tat2(by Tofi ,Art line tattoo)
right forearm gothic 'Hardcore' tattoo
Star scarification on left leg.(realy badass ugly )


2 x Streched earlobes (24mm) and going up!
2 x ear tunel 2mm (not streched at all , but got a hole inside ;) )
2 x right ear cbr helix

'R.I.P.' Piercings:

-About 24 left & right ear piercings , including Tragus, anti tragus ,helix , and standard ear lobe piercings.
-Handwrist surface bar.
-Horizontal nipple piercing x?
-Neck Surface bar x2.
-Hafada x3.
-Off center lip labraet x 2? 3?
-smiley :) x2
-Tongue web x3

+ loooot of experimental and training piercings;)
And damn i miss my babies.......

I dream about some implants.
and a new ta2's

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