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  • Location Paris, France
  • Member since 05.12.2007
  • Last activity 4 months ago

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Inguinal self tattoo, 1997 (to be covered up)
Right Arm, 1999 : dragon yin yang by @ericvalentin
Pubis, 2006 : personnal symbol
Wrist/inner arm, 2014 : Treble clef manuscript by F. Schubert by @mylooz
Left Arm, 2014 : wonderful monocle seal by @MorganVondergeist :)
Torso 2015 : santiago shell by @JuliaSweety
January 2017 : cat dot work by @LeaMeow @LesFleursduMal Paris
October 2018 : leaves on my lap side
Decembre 2018 : Venus on my right arm
January 2019 : reunionese whale on my left arm
June 2019 : taro leaves on my left arm
February 2020 : waves lines around my left forearm
October 2020 : 3 susuwataris on my right forearm
January 2021 : gingko biloba leave on my upper right arm


stretched earlobes with steel tunnel 0 ga (8mm)
14ga upper left and right lobes
2x12g nipples barbells
3x12g lorum curved barbells

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