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  • Location Suur-Liperi, Finland
  • Birthdate November 17.
  • Member since 30.03.2004
  • Last activity 1 month ago

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Now Carrying:
- Ears 2 x 4mm
- Septum 3,2mm
- Nipple 1 x 2,4mm
- Tongue 1 x 1,6mm
- Navel 1 x 1,6mm


- Seed in my right angle
- Broken & Flames in my belly
- Sun in my upper back
- Wasted Youth skull in my left angle
- Black flames on my left leg
- "SKJ" & gasmask on my left angle
- Heart & cross to the memory of Markus on my left arm
- Ace on my left wrist
- Man's ruin on my left arm
- Web 'n' skulls with LTN on my neck
- 1/7 on my left arm
- Piston with wings for the memory of Timo on my left arm



Blood For Blood, Madball, Hatebreed, Wasted, Enstand, Fuzigish, The Suicide Machines, Ryker's, Raised Fist, The Hope Conspiracy, Hollow Ground, 100 Demons,etc..

"The Sign In The Road Says We're Going Nowhere"

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