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  • Location Tacoma, United States Of America
  • Birthdate May 29.
  • Member since 31.07.2008
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Have been working on my Tattoo since 1980 the artists curently working are the best I have found in a long while, I have so many holes filled with metal I set off metal detectors and i have fun asking if they want ta see ALL of them. I can best be discibed as a Tattooed Savage sometimes its about the pain and are ya willing to endure. As it evolves so do I, when you find yourself let me know because of all the people in the world those that are selfaware are worth my time, those that are lost can be guided back to the path, those that refuse to see are not worth the time it takes to remove them from life unless they stand in my way. I collect and sell just about anything sharp , If it makes no noise its easy to hide the bodies when somebody pisses me off really bad, Its my evil twin who does all the work
#9 Seamless Each Ear 10GH
#2 Open For Organics each Ear
#2 10 GH Each Nipple In cross pattern
#2 10gh Frenum
10g 1/2 inch Tounge Barbell
And a Body Suit Tattoo in the works. Dont think I will ever Be totaly done with it

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