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  • Location sin city, Papua New Guinea
  • Birthdate May 20.
  • Member since 24.08.2004
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Samppa von Cyborg
bodymodification artist
Satakunnankatu 28
Tampere, Finland



Samppa Von Cyborg is a Finnish body modification artist hailing from Tampere. He is currently based in the UK, though works extensively throughout the world.

Samppa began work as a piercer in Finland in the early 90’s, and was one of its first practitioners in Finland. Following disillusionment with the lack of progress within the field, in the late 1990’s Samppa turned his attention to body modification, foreseeing plenty of opportunities to push the envelope of what was physically possible. The new body modification procedures drew upon established piercing techniques, knowledge of anatomy and of surgical procedures to create a unique new brand of extreme modification.

Having been trained by a professional surgeon, Samppa was an ideal candidate to head up this new scene; indeed he was one of its first artists. With fresh interest, he pioneered many of today’s well-known modifications including the mad max bar, flesh stapling, flesh plating, flesh coil and revolutionised approaches to ear modification, with multiple piercings interconnected with custom made jewellery.

Samppa remains a pioneer within the body modification scene and is one of its best known artists. His plans for the future involve taking LED and vibrating implants past the prototype stage, and to offer them as modifications to clients in the near future. Samppa, never forsaking his roots, also remains a dedicated practicing piercer and scarification artist. Within the piercing field, he hopes to work closely with clients to create custom art, utilising piercings and custom jewellery, in addition to offering the standard range of simple piercings.

The designing and crafting of jewellery has been one of Samppa’s passions since the mid 90’s. Today, he still dedicates time to the process and his first complete collection of jewellery, the Cyber Cell Collection is now offered for sale for the first time. In the pipeline, is a range of custom designed biomechanical dildos, which he hopes to bring to production in the near future.

Samppa also takes custom and bespoke orders for jewellery. Despite a hectic schedule, he makes himself available for a variety of one off commissions, which in the past have included sculptures in a wide variety of materials, digi-art, paintings, metalwork, drawings and promotional material. He is currently in the process of translating a volume of his poetry into English and illustrating the poems ready for publication.

Samppa devotes time to graphic designing and next to body modification, graphic designing makes up the bulk of Samppa’s professional work. Over the years, he has secured a number of high profile contracts, which have included (to mention but a few) designing the Backstage Rock Shop website, merchandise for Uniklubi, Bloodpit, Hanoi Rocks and Klamydia, album artwork for Howling Willie Cunt and logos for Ginger (of The Wildhearts) & Maleficent.

Samppa has been professionally modelling since 2005 and is represented by UGLY agency. He has appeared as the face of Snickers, MSN and 888.com Online Casino, which featured extensively on the London underground and roadway billboards. Samppa has also been photographed by some of the world’s most renowned photographers, including Mark Seliger and Erwin Olaf.

Repelling stagnation, Samppa’s appeared as both actor and extra in a number of films and TV shows. Amongst his acting credits are a starring role in Judd Tilyard’s critically acclaimed 2009 film Frame 137 and Noomi Spook’s Annabelle’s Tea Party. Amongst his extras appearances are The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Dread, Inspector Lewis and LOL (French). He has appeared in music videos by Maleficent, The Wildhearts, Rocking Clubber and Uniklubi.

However, Samppa refuses to languish behind the camera as art alone, and takes an active role in creating his own visual art. He was responsible for the conceptualisation and directing of The Wildhearts video Destroy All Monsters. Additionally, he penned and directed the short film Scabs starring Baawo Bee. The film was received with critical acclaim by the underground press and this has given Samppa the opportunity to take on more directorial work in future.

Without doubt, the most extreme of Samppa’s interests lie with his brain (and blood) child; The Psycho Cyborgs. He formed the group with Baawo Bee in 2005 when he moved from Finland to London. The original troupe consisted of 8 performers though their line-up has seen many changes and today the group consists of 4 core performers. As Samppa was quick to learn, not everyone was up to performing with the world’s most hardcore freak show.

The Psycho Cyborgs have secured a group of die-hard fans, and continue to sell out shows the world over, (though of course the highest praise they receive are scores of fainting viewers).

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