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  • Location Helsinki, Finland
  • Birthdate December 24.
  • Member since 06.03.2007
  • Last activity 6 years ago

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-4 x Navel.
-17 x Lobe.
-2 x Tragus.
-1 x Nostril.
-Outer Conch.
-2 x Nipple.

2 x Lobe, Eyebrow, 3 x Lip, 2 x Smiley, Madonna, Snakebites, Cleavage, Niebuhr, Nostril.


-Owl 9.12.08, Liskogalleria, Mimosa.
-Bat 11.12.08, Liskogalleria, Toni.
-Pentagram 12.1.09, Liskogalleria, Mimosa.
-Owl's landscape part 1, 16.1.09, Liskogalleria, Mimosa.
-Owl's landscape part 2, 19.1.09, Liskogalleria, Mimosa.
-Owl's landscape part 3, 6.4.09, Liskogalleria, Mimosa.
-Mushrooms 8.9.09, Liskogalleria, Toni.
-Bug 12.9.09, Liskogalleria, Toni.
-Tengwar 8.10.09, Liskogalleria, Maija.
-Gnome 17.4.10, Liskogalleria, Toni.
-Owl's landscape part 4, 12.5.10, Liskogalleria, Maija.
-Ten bats, 2.12.11, Liskogalleria.

And this is not the end of the story.

Music: Shades Of Nowhere, Altaria, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish (old), Brother Firetribe, Finntroll, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Dragonforce, Moonsorrow, Dreamtime, Asylum, Blood Stain Child, Deathstars, Sabaton, DJ Penetrator, Dreamtale, Ensiferum, Heavenly, Helloween, Silent Dream, Stratovarius, The Kovenant, Banquet Of Illusions, Sydänpuu, Neverday, Sanxion7, Gothminister, Eluveitie, Mikko L, Distrance, Nightcreeper, 2 Times Terror, etc.

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