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  • Location Helsinki, Finland
  • Birthdate December 6.
  • Member since 25.01.2005
  • Last activity 7 years ago

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I am:

Little, noisy & irritating

Part of the Scar.fi Suspension Team
Modern freakshow performer

And many other interesting things :D
I have:

1 x 1.6mm medusa
1 x 1.6mm vertical labret
3 x 1.6mm labret (usually not keeping jewelry on one of them)
1 x 1.6mm bridge
1 x microdermal
2 x subdermal implant (horns)
2 x 30mm earlobes
1 x 8mm tunnel
2 x 4mm tunnel
1 x 1.6mm earring
2 x 1.6mm navel

Back -dragon & sakuras
Ankles -skulls, bones, heart & ring
Calf -side profile of an woman
Left arm -Home cat track
Right arm -Home cat track, animal spots
Stomach -text

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