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  • Location Helsinki, Finland
  • Birthdate May 14.
  • Member since 01.06.2006
  • Last activity 1 year ago

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One of the bobo's in Bobo's Loco Carneval
Also seen in Sirkus Tapaturma (rip)
Ex-vocalist of .357 Soundsystem (rip Dec. -08
Now vocals in Fitcone, Diffuse Content Band and Walking Dead Suicide

Punk's dead... Emo kids next

Unsure of mental health
No piercings left
Tattoo in left shoulder/arm/chest (Tribal)
Right calf ("The rind" by M. C. Escher)

Se mikä ei tapa, se vituttaa
Ja yleensä kaikki muu on päin vittua, paitsi munat

"This forcefed illusion of life so fine,
Will catch me,
And choke from behind..."

Taken from .357 Soundsystem - "Broken (inside)"

Top 5 playlist at the moment:
Crib45: Metamorphosis
Immortal: All shall fall
Nile: Annihilation of the wicked
My Dying Bride: For lies i sire
Texas Hippie Coalition: Pride of Texas

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